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Ed Klein sees mainstream media corruption in book store that won't sell his new book


Conservative author Ed Klein, who thinks Hillary Clinton may be too fat to be president, is out with the paperback version of his book Amateur and he needs to promote it.

That's why his publisher released an excerpt from the book which claims President Obama and former president Bill Clinton made a deal for Obama to endorse Hillary to succeed him in 2012. And that's why Klein has a column at FoxNews.com that starts out with an anecdote about a "conservative friend" who was unable to purchase a copy of the paperback version at a bookseller in the Hamptons ("the playground of the mainstream media," as Klein calls it).

"We don't stock that book," the store clerk supposedly told Klein's friend.

How did the friend respond? Casual, like this: "How can you not stock a book that was No. 1 on the New York Times best-seller list for six straight weeks?"

The clerk then said customers would be upset if the book were on display there. And here's what the whole incident meant to Klein...

[T]here, I submit, you have an example of why the liberal chattering class and its cohorts in the mainstream media have chosen to bury their heads in the sand and find excuses for Barack Obama as he tries to wriggle out of responsibility for the perfect storm of scandals—Benghazi, the IRS, and the Department of Justice’s warrants against journalists—that are bearing down on his White House and threatening to derail his second term.

First and foremost: Is Klein's friend really a conservative if he's vacationing in "the playground of the mainstream media" and visiting local bookstores that don't sell his book?

And more importantly: Does a local bookseller in the Hamptons -- one that chose not to sell Klein's book -- really represent the view of all the "liberal chattering class and its cohorts in the mainstream media"?

Yes. Especially when the paperback is out.


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