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Beck’s Hilarious Re-Enactment of the Conversation That Might’ve Happened Between the White House and IRS


"In fact, your team is going to be the one putting [the death panels] all together..."

(Photo: TheBlaze TV)

(Photo: TheBlaze TV)

During his 5:00 ET television program on Monday, Glenn Beck expressed extreme doubt that in all of former IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman's 157 trips to the White House, an even off-hand conversation about the IRS' targeting of conservatives (or "death panels," for that matter) never occurred.

Beck was so incredulous that he decided to re-enact just one imagined meeting between the White House and the IRS, playing both sides.

As the IRS official, Beck wore a baseball cap and slouched in the Oval Office.  As the White House official, he donned a fake mustache, beard, and what appeared to be a French accent.

"Have you seen [what] those crazy Tea Party people are saying? These 9/12 guys -- they don't get it," Beck began as the IRS employee.  "I'm watching TV -- where the president gets all of his news -- and this guy on Fox was saying that there are these death panels!"

The "White House" official responded plainly: "Well, there are, you know...Yes, in fact your team is going to be the one putting it all together..."

After the IRS official regathered his composure, the two soon moved on to a "legal" way in which they could punish all the people who "just don't get it" (like Tea Partiers and Jews).

Watch the entire segment on TheBlaze TV to see their decided course of action:

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