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Christie doesn't care if Drudge calls him a 'no pound fool


After New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) announced Tuesday he would allow his state to elect someone to fill his its open U.S. Senate seat (rather than appoint a Republican to last through next year), the lead headline on the Drudge Report called him a "NO POUND FOOL."

Christie apparently doesn't care.

"If I spent as much time as others apparently do on the internet I would lose my mind," he told Philadelphia Inquirer reporter Matt Katz.

"There's no political purpose," Christie said of his decision at a press conference. "The political purpose is to give the people a voice. The issues facing the United States Senate are too important not to have an elected representative making those decisions."

His decision to allow an election opens the door for Democrats to fill the seat, thus securing one more vote for their side in the Senate.

Drudge hasn't had much of anything positive to say about Christie since the tail end of the 2012 presidential election, when Christie emphatically praised President Obama for his administration's response to Hurricane Sandy.

On Monday, a Drudge headline regarding Christie read "WHO'S SIDE ARE YOU ON?"


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