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NYT columnist hates summer, may also hate children and butterflies


Who hates summer? Even with all the heat, most people are happier during the summer, if for no other reason than that it sounds like a nice name for a season.

But then there's New York Times columnist Frank Bruni. He hates summer:

Does summer have to be so grammatically piggy, a vain noun with adjectival delusions? Summer vacation. Summer rental. Summer stage. Summer stock. Summer lover. Summer fling. Summer nights. Summer breeze. ...

It’s a mean season, even leaving the sun to the side. People drown, are struck by lightning and wear seersucker. I realize that the last item doesn’t really fit with the previous two, but it’s another potent argument against summer, and I had to put it in somewhere.

Then again, it may have something to do with him having skin cancer.


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