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High School Senior's Very Impressive Long-Snapping Trick Shot Video


We don't see Smith executing normal long snaps, no—instead we see him perform what resemble optical illusions.

Zach Smith (Credit: YouTube)

Any of you pro-football fans ever heard of NFL players Morgan Cox, Zac DeOssie, or Brett Goode?

No? Well, that just means they're really good at their positions. In fact, the less you hear their names mentioned, the better things go for their teams—especially for the more-visible punters and place kickers.

That's right. They're "long snappers"—the dudes who fire the football backward in between their legs to set up every punt and field goal...and then let themselves get creamed by lunatic special-teams linemen trying to block the kick. But guess what happens if a long snap is off target? No field goal. No punt. (And likely no more long snapper.)

And these fellas aren't your garden-variety long snappers, either; they each do the job for the Baltimore Ravens, the New York Giants, and the Green Bay Packers, respectively—the last three Super Bowl-winning squads.

Yet for all their workaday, absolutely critical talent, it's not likely that any of them possess the skills of one Zach Smith of Atherton, Calif., a highly regarded high school long snapper who's headed to USC this fall.

Zach Smith (Credit: YouTube)

In the following highlight video, we don't see Smith executing normal long snaps, no—instead we see him perform what resemble optical illusions. He hits moving targets, he nails bottles off tables (and in one incredible sequence, right off a buddy's noggin).

(Credit: YouTube)

Smith fires one snap, laser-like, through a pair of open car-door windows...

(Credit: YouTube)

...and practically knocks the, er, wind out of the shocked cameraman on the other side.

(Credit: YouTube)

He launches high, arching bombs from second-story balconies that land in trash cans a good 40 yards away. And in the highlight of all highlights, Smith pulls off a long snap that starts at one end of a basketball court...

(Credit: YouTube)

and drains the hoop on the other end (a rare feat for a basketball player standing up and facing the far-away backboard...Smith does it backward, crouched, and visually upside down.)

(Credit: YouTube)

So without further ado, here's long-snapper extraordinaire Zach Smith in action:

(H/T: Yahoo Sports)

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