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Lawsuit says Fox News' accidental broadcast of man’s suicide left his kids traumatized


A lawsuit out of Maricopa County in Arizona claims Fox News traumatized three children after accidentally broadcasting their father's suicide last September...

From ABA Journal:

[JoDon] Romero’s two oldest children heard about the suicide broadcast at school and found the video on YouTube. “As they watched,” the suit says, “they realized in horror that they were watching their father." The children now have flashbacks, trauma, sleep disturbances and intrusive thoughts, the suit says. The children are so depressed that they cannot go to school, the suit claims.

The suicide... aired during Studio B, anchored by Shepard Smith, preceeded by a lengthy car chase in Arizona. After exiting his vehicle in a desert, Romero was seen running a few yards before shooting himself in the head.

After a commercial break, Smith apologized, explaining that a tape delay malfunction was the cause of the accidental broadcast.

The mother of the children, Angela Rodriguez, is suing for "compensatory and punitive damages for intentional and negligent infliction of emotional distress," according to Courthouse News.


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