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Chinese Farmer Jailed for Creating Viral Alien Hoax


"Disrupting normal social order."

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

A few months ago, a Chinese farmer began circulating a story about a figure he claimed to be an alien that he electrocuted to death. Now, he has been jailed by authorities for what was deemed a disruptive hoax.

The man, identified as Li, claimed he found the alien on the bank of the Yellow River and began posting pictures about it on his blog, where the information went viral.

chinese farmer alien (Image: YouTube screenshot)

Three months after beginning the hoax, Li told authorities he made the alien himself.

"I watched the movie 'Paul,'" Li said, referencing the 2011 Hollywood movie about two comic-book fans who come across an extra-terrestrial. "I liked Paul, the alien in the movie, very much. So, I created my own version based on Paul the character."

NTD.TV reported that Li was put in jail for five days on charges of "fabricating lies" and "disrupting normal social order."

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