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Karl Rove warns GOP not to be 'obsessed by scandals


Republican Strategist Karl Rove writes in the Wall Street Journal that the GOP needs a plan for governing, not just criticism of President Obama, even with the controversies rocking his administration.

From Rove's column:

Republicans must have something to say to middle-class voters about job creation and raising wages. Convincing voters that Republicans have a credible pro-growth agenda remains the GOP's largest weakness. ...

Repeal of ObamaCare is not enough. Even if House Republicans won't take up a comprehensive bill replacing the Affordable Care Act, they should have one or several to offer as road maps for reasonable reform. The platoons of congressional GOP doctors and nurses should lead this effort. ...

The Obama presidency is wobbling. Voters will take a fresh look at Republicans. What they want to see is not a party obsessed by scandals but one serious about governing.


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