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Hilarious Video Imagines What Would Happen If the 'Man of Steel' Was Forced to Join a Union


"Not so fast Superman. We've got to talk to you about your dues."

(Courtesy: Steven Crowder)

Comedian Steven Crowder's latest sketch video imagines what would happen if the "Man of Steel" was forced to join a union.

Spoiler alert: It doesn't work out well.

(Courtesy: Steven Crowder)

In the parody video, just as "Superman" was about to fly away as superheroes often do, a union representative stops him in his tracks.

"Not so fast Superman. We've got to talk to you about your dues," the rep, "Earl," says.

"Yeah, you know Earl, I've just been really busy saving people," the superhero replies.

"Really? Too busy to pay dues to the union that allows you to be a superhero to begin with?" the rep snarks back, adding that he never has problems with "Aqua Man."

The representative goes on to inform the "Man of Steel" that the union is enforcing a "one power per superhero maximum" to make sure other superheroes aren't put out of business.

Watch the rest of the hilarious video below:


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