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Putting a Gun to the Head of a Man's Wife Could Be the Last Thing You Ever Do – Here's Proof


Plus: There is a stunning twist about the intruder's relationship to the homeowner...

Deputies investigate a shooting in Wellford (June 19, 2013/FOX Carolina)

FOX Carolina 21

WELLFORD, S.C. (TheBlaze/AP) - Authorities say a Spartanburg homeowner shot and killed an alleged intruder using a gun he grabbed from one of the two would-be robbers.

Deputies responded to a reported home invasion in Wellford just after 11:30 p.m. Tuesday. They found a dead man lying in front of a nearby home, wearing plastic gloves.

A woman living at the home told deputies she was sitting on the couch listening to music on her iPad and watching TV when she felt something cold and metallic against her head. When she turned to see what it was, she saw a man holding a gun to her head.

She yelled for her husband, who came in and heroically fought with the intruder.

The woman said the suspect dropped the gun, which her husband picked up and shot him in the head.

Deputies say a second suspect returned fire and fled the home.

Deputies investigate a shooting in Wellford (June 19, 2013/FOX Carolina)

Though one of the suspects is still at large, the other was found in the man's driveway with a gunshot to the face. Coroner Rusty Clevenger identified the deceased intruder as 21-year-old Delano Anthony Turner, of Wellford, S.C.

"Deputies said Tuesday that Turner did have active warrants against him when he was shot," WHNS-TV reports.

In a stunning twist, Turner's uncle, Fred Turner, said the suspect was actually the cousin of the homeowner who shot him. The uncle told WHNS-TV that the homeowner didn't recognize his Turner because he had a bandana over his face.


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