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Will Christian Artist's Anti-Abortion Painting Actually Save Unborn Babies' Lives?


"No life is an accident, and each has a purpose."

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Ron DiCianni is an award-winning Christian artist who has gained noticeable fame among the evangelical crowd. His newest project, the "Before I Formed You" initiative, is sure to turn some heads, as he is using his talents to tackle the ever-contentious abortion debate.

Considering that his own mother changed her mind about ending her pregnancy -- and his life -- more than 60 years ago, DiCianni has a very personal connection to the issue. So, he's setting out on a massive effort to change hearts and minds.

The goal of the campaign, as the Christian Post notes, is to get an inspiring piece of artwork in front of every and any woman who is considering abortion (including the doctors and medical professionals who perform these procedures). It is predicated upon "Before I Formed You in the Womb," a painting he created in 2012 in an effort to tackle this difficult subject.

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According to DiCianni's website, the goal is to ensure that the painting gets widespread distribution and attention, not in an effort to advance his own career, but, instead, to help convince people to respect the lives of the unborn.

A description of the campaign explains: "From Crisis Pregnancy Centers to Capital Hill and to every doctor's office and abortion provider in America, we know that this painting will turn hearts toward Life."

While some might find it odd that the pro-life artist is planning to send this painting to abortion clinics, among other pro-choice individuals and cohorts, an explanation provides the reason why such an action would be taken:

It might not be the nurses or doctors that are impacted but the secretary, clinic volunteer or social worker that opens the box (and they will open the box, no one throws away an unopened package) and will see the image, and in those few seconds we pray that God will sear that image into their brains and hearts and maybe, just maybe, it will stop them from continuing to be involved in the abortion process as they realize it’s a child, not a choice.

But the truth is that we believe the campaign to these abortion providers will be even more successful then just taking a few secretaries or volunteers out of commission.  As God so wonderfully does, He will use this “package” to minister and we will hear of “coincidence” after “coincidence” of how the prints made their way to the desks of the abortion providers themselves and moved on their hearts.

So please, take a risk of faith and see what God will do.  Partner with us to send a print to an abortion provider today.  Far from being a wasted effort, it might just be a life changing one.

In explaining the painting and his own personal attachment to the abortion issue, DiCianni was candid.

"I painted 'Before I Formed You in the Womb' to make a statement -- a statement that each life is precious to the One who created it, namely God. No life is an accident, and each has a purpose," he said in a statement given to the Post. "As someone who was scheduled myself to be aborted, that has been my own story as well as the promise we have in Scripture."

DiCianni has launched the Before I Formed You Foundation to help facilitate the spread of his inspiring piece of art and to inspire America's pro-life movement (read more about the fascinating, pro-life effort).

(H/T: Christian Post)

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