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Want a Peek at How Liberal Journalists Interact Amongst Themselves? Check Out the Alleged 'Journolist' Listserv Right Here


Gawker says it's nabbed huge portions of the "Journolist" archive, the now-defunct private listserv of "several hundred mostly liberal journalists" that could be a window into the "true feelings of the liberal media elite."

A hacker, the so-called Guccifer—who was allegedly behind hacking President George W. Bush and Hilary Clinton—provided the goods, Gawker reported.

More from Gawker:

The existence of Journolist...was quite a little media sensation several years ago. Select embarrassing excerpts from Journolist were leaked at the time, forcing public apologies, but never the full list. (The general uproar, however, cost David Weigel a job at the Washington Post.)


It also appears to have been hacked from one of the Journolist members. As you can see, it is very long, and its formatting makes reading it somewhat difficult. Don't blame us. This is simply a data dump—a public service, for those who may have been waiting breathlessly for the past four years to get at the raw material of what was once considered the very epicenter of the liberal Washington media cabal.

You can access various versions of what Gawker reports are the available documents on its story site; there's also a searchable version available.

Here's Tucker Carlson with Sean Hannity discussing a bit of what the Journolist members were allegedly up to a few years back:

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(H/T: Gawker)



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