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Wait Until You See What Unexpected Animal Was Shot in an Indiana Backyard


"We know it has to be somebody's pet."

(Image: Donna Duke via WDRB)

An Indiana couple was staking out their backyard late last week, waiting for an animal thought to be behind several attacks of local pets. According to WDRB-TV, the Clark County couple was told by officials it was likely a bobcat, so they were unsurprised when they saw a large cat slunk through the backyard.

In an effort to prevent further attacks, the boyfriend shot the animal. What did surprise them was what the animal really turned out to be -- a leopard. Still, a bit of mystery remains as to where exactly the leopard came from.

leopard indiana (Image: Donna Duke via WDRB)

Donna Duke, a local who knows who shot the leopard, told WDRB her friend's boyfriend, who wishes to remain anonymous, was just protecting other animals.

"She's got cats that are basically her family," Duke said of the woman and her boyfriend who saw the animal in their backyard. "She was trying to protect her babies."

Watch WDRB's report on the incident:

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Indiana DNR spokesperson Phil Bloom told the ABC affiliate the department was trying to identify where the cat came from, as it is not native to North America and owning one as a pet requires a permit. A nearby wildlife refuge has said it didn't belong to them.

The Courier-Journal reported Conservation Officer Jim Hash saying based on the physical state of the leopard, “we know it has to be somebody’s pet."

(H/T: ABC News)



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