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What One Issue Can Unite Michael Moore, Bill Maher & Glenn Beck?


"The Bill of Civil Rights"

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They are three unlikely people to put into the same category on just about anything: Michael Moore, Bill Maher, and Glenn Beck.

They don't agree on much when it comes to foreign policy, and probably even less domestically.  But on his weekday television show Monday, Glenn Beck argued that there is one thing that unites all of them - they just use different language to describe it.

"It's freedom of speech, but it's more than that. I say it's the Bill of Rights, but that's how I relate to it," Beck said.

"These guys relate to another thing," he continued. "Civil rights."

He noted while Moore and Maher may sympathize with the phrase "can't pick a religion" while he would identify with the phrase "can't stop a religion's practice," both are defending the First Amendment.  Both are defending civil rights.

"We're saying the same thing," Beck said.

That's why he argued people should begin explaining the Bill of Rights as the "Bill of Civil Rights," saying that "things will change" once we realize "we have a lot to unite on."

He described the issue as his "new drum" which he plans to "beat until the end of time."

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