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The 'Ultimate Mash-Up of Three American Loves': Wendys Hopes to Score Big With This New Sandwich That No One Else Makes


Do you like burgers? Do you like bacon? Do you like fresh-baked pretzels?

If you answered “yes” to all of the above, then Wendy’s would like to talk to you:


“On Monday, Wendy's begins its national roll-out of the long-awaited Wendy's Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger, a $4.69 premium burger served on a toasted pretzel bun,” USA Today reports.

“Wendy's is counting on the pretzel burger being a fast-food game changer. None of the major national burger chains currently sell a burger in a pretzel bun,” the report adds. "The move not only separates Wendy's from the competition, but rekindles hazy memories of Wendy's as an industry leader in fast-food innovation."

The pretzel burger will be available coast-to-coast in about two weeks.


"This is the most anticipated new product in recent history," said Craig Bahner, Wendy's chief marketing officer. It’s basically “the ultimate mash-up of three American loves: pretzel, bacon and cheeseburger.”

The new offering for now will be a seasonal, rolling out every summer. But if demand for the product is high enough, Wendy’s will consider making it a permanent menu item.

“The move comes at a time hot pretzels as appetizers are hot sellers in the casual-dining sector and even in some fine-dining restaurants. A few casual-dining restaurants have even dabbled with pretzel burgers,” USA Today continues.

Despite the frequent chatter the chain’s testing of the product has caused, Wendy’s has kept the sandwich hush-hush. Still, the testing went so well that restaurant spokesman Denny Lynch said it’s one of the most successful the company has ever had.

Signs promote Wendy's Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger in January at a Wendy's in Miami. The premium burger, which got a lot of buzz after market tests earlier this year, rolls out nationally June 24. (AP)

"When many fast food companies are attempting to acknowledge the problems of eating too many calories, too much white flour, too much poor-quality meat and too much sodium – bang – here we have the too much burger from Wendy's," says Cynthia Lair, assistant professor of nutrition at Bastyr University near Seattle, adds.

“Stick with those burgers that don't blow your whole sodium-carbohydrate-fat count for the day with one gut-wrenching burger,” she notes

So … are you going to try it?



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(H/T: Kitchen Daily). Featured image Wendy's.

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