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See $35 Million of History in Fascinating Preview of Beck's 'Man in the Moon' Museum


"America is not perfect, but America is a miracle."

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On Thursday's episode of the Glenn Beck program, viewers were able to see a small preview of the museum being assembled for Beck's upcoming "Man in the Moon" event in Salt Lake City.

According to Beck, they had about $35 million worth of historical artifacts in Dallas, which they are getting ready to ship west.

"If we are going to save America, we have to start reminding people why America is great, who we are," he explained.

Joined by David Barton, author of The Founder's Bible and founder of WallBuilders, Beck took viewers through phases of history, from the Salem Witch Trials to present.

He began with uniforms from the American revolution, commenting on the short stature of the average soldiers compared to the massive weapons they had to carry.

Viewers were also able to see the compass George Washington carried from his childhood until the day he died, and an actual lock of Washington's hair.

(Photo: TheBlaze TV)

From there, the two moved to the slavery-related artifacts.

"The slave trade is our abortion," Beck told the audience.  "Today, our society looks at abortion and we're having a debate -- 'it's a child, it's not a child.'  Well at some point, as ultrasounds get more and more realistic...and we can sustain that life outside of the womb, people will wonder at the absurdities of our argument today and say, 'How did you not know...? You were killing babies.'"

"If you can understand that argument," he continued, "You can understand the argument of slavery in the United States."

He told the story of the first person who petitioned the courts to have a slave in the United States, and showed the audience a rare book called "Without Sanctuary" that is filled with horrific pictures documenting the lynchings that have occurred in the United States.

He also held up small books made for children called "The Slave's Friend" trying to teach the next generation how slaves are people just like they were.

From there, the audience saw the desk of Abraham Lincoln, and a letter he wrote warning them against slavery.

"With malice toward none and charity toward all," Beck repeated.

Watch the powerful segment below:

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The audience also saw shocking World War II-era artifacts, including an actual whip from Auschwitz and the napkin Hitler wore during an assassination attempt, which is still riddled with shrapnel and bloodstains.

On the other side, they saw Eisenhower's actual helmet from D-Day, and the order to invade.  They saw the sandals a Japanese artist wore to an internment camp in Wyoming in the middle of winter.

Beck said the "same poison" could be seen on both sides of the ocean, before asking "what stopped all this?"

He pointed to a stack of Bibles, from the one that was used to stop the Salem Witch Trials to that of Rev. Billy Graham.

History buffs will also be impressed to see the the prayer book of Napoleon Bonaparte and Marie Antoinette.

"America is not perfect, but America is a miracle," Beck said.  "America has been a blessing, and America can still be a blessing as long as we remain free.  If we fail to remember, if we fail to give future generations an accurate portrayal of American history - both the good and the bad - then we will fail."

Complimentary Clip from TheBlaze TV

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