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Rep. Gowdy Responds to Dems Who Are Just So Concerned for Future of GOP: I'm Moved to Tears


"I’m more interested in getting it right than doing it on Senator Schumer’s schedule."

Many left-leaning politicians and pundits have in recent months expressed “concern” over the future of the Republican Party, some predicting the GOP’s demise should it fail to adopt “X” platform.

Take, for instance, Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer saying recently that the GOP may as well sit out about the next few election cycles if it fails to pass the so-called Gang of Eight’s immigration bill.

Unsurprisingly, there are a few on the right who think this type of unsolicited advice is less-than-sincere.

“I was moved, almost to the point of tears, by Senator Schumer’s concern for the future prospects of the Republican Party, but we’re going to not take his advice,” Republican Congressman Trey Gowdy said in reference to Sen. Schumer’s immigration advice.

“The Senate bill is not going to pass the House. It’s not going to pass for myriad reasons. I support immigration reform; I think the current system is broken. But our framers gave us two legislative bodies, and I assume that they did it for a reason.

"The House runs every two years with the theory that we will be closer to the will of the people,” Rep. Gowdy added during his  Sunday interview

He continued:

So, under the assumption that the framers meant to give us two legislative bodies and a House of Representatives with 435 members, we are going to work our will, like we have been doing for the past weeks. We have passed four separate bills out of House Judiciary and an additional bill out of Homeland Security. We’re making progress, and we will continue to do so. I’m more interested in getting it right than doing it on Senator Schumer’s schedule.

The South Carolina Congressman and journalist John Roberts continued, discussing the various ways in which Washington should approach the immigration issue.

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