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Stuart Stevens doubles down on 'ageist' NY Times Hillary article

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A New York Times story Sunday laid out a strategy by some Republicans to paint Hillary Clinton as an expired personality heading into the 2016 presidential election -- assuming she runs.

The story caused a small stir with some claiming it was an "ageist" plan of attack that could easily backfire on the GOP.

Stuart Stevens, former Republican adviser to the Mitt Romney 2016 campaign, makes the case for the strategy in a column for The Daily Beast:

[T]here seems to be a great rush among the large professional class dedicated to defending all things Democratic to deny that age and experience will be an issue for Hillary. Which seems a bit silly since in her last run, she did everything she could to use both to her advantage. ...

And there’s the rub. When you ran in 2008 as the candidate of experience based on 35 years of experience and lost to a candidate of the “new,” (then Sen. Barack Obama) don’t be surprised if it happens again eight years later.


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