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Wanted: This S-1 Personal Jet That Flies at Mach .99


"...S-1 takes what used to be so complicated and makes it easy."


If you're an aviator or member of the business elite "who [demands] high-octane performance from [your] personal transportation," Saker's S-1 personal aircraft might be the jet for you. If you don't have between $5 million to $7 million to shell out for it though, still read on to get a look at what you'll be missing.

saker s-1 (Image:

The new S-1 has a max cruising speed of Mach .99. That's one mile every six seconds, making it the fastest civilian airplane in production, according to Saker.

At that speed and that price, we're sure fuel economy is next on interested parties minds. Saker touts it to be "one of the most fuel-efficient engines in the industry," using 20 percent less fuel than competitors  -- and at faster speeds.

"From the systems that run the jet to the physical feel of hand flying, the S-1 takes what used to be so complicated and makes it easy. With a stall speed of 90kts,any properly trained pilot will have no problem handling the S- 1," Saker's website stated.

s-1 range map Range map showing how far the S-1 can go before refueling. (Image:

“Designing and building the S-1 is a lifelong journey for me,” Sean Gillette, founder and CEO, said, according to General Aviation News last month. “After several years of designing and refining the style of the S-1, I am happy to see our company move to the next phase of the business plan. We are excited to share our concept with the world, and begin taking pre-orders for the S-1.”

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Here are more specs on the plane:

Crew: 2, Tandem

Length: 40.5 ft

Wingspan: 27 ft

Height: 15 ft

Wing area: 170 sq. ft.

Empty weight: 6,300 lb

Max takeoff weight: 11,500 lb

Power plant: 2 x Williams FJ44-4

Take-off field length: 1500 ft

Landing field length: 1500 ft

Payload: 5,200 lb

Internal Fuel: 500 US gal

External Fuel: 200 US gal

(2 x 100 US gal pod)

Range: 1,600 mi (2,200 mi w/pods)

Service ceiling: 45,000 ft

Rate of climb: 12,000 ft/min

Wing loading: 60 lb/ft²

Thrust/weight: .70

Max G: -3/+7g

GizMag reported Saker's noting that the plane is still in its concept stage right now and that final price will depend on custom features.

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