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Brilliant MSNBC idea: Zimmerman jurors should be more racist

Trayvon Martin (L) and George Zimmerman (R). (Photo: ABC)

The trial of George Zimmerman enters its final phase today as the prosecution and defense offer their closing arguments. With many predict an acquittal for Zimmerman, NBC News legal analyst Lisa Bloom seems to be holding out hope for a conviction. On Wednesday, Bloom offered her expert advice for the prosecution -- play the race card.

During a segment on The Cycle, Bloom advised the prosecution to focus heavily on Trayvon Martin's race in its summation.

“You know, this case, from the beginning, got a groundswell of public support because of the racial angle, and yet we have heard relatively little about it in the courtroom,” Bloom noted. “What we have heard is that — 100 percent of the time — that George Zimmerman called police about a suspicious person in the neighborhood, it was because of an African-American male.”

And here I thought Justice wore a blindfold... 


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