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GOP Congressman Jabs Pelosi, Democrats on Obamacare Promises: You've Been 'Pumping Sunshine' for Years and NOW You Tell Us It's a Mess?



Congressman Peter Roskam (R-Ill.) during a Wednesday House Ways and Means Committee hearing on the implementation of President Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act mocked top Democrats for finally admitting the bill has major defects.

Rep. Roskam began by invoking California Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi’s infamous “we have to pass the [health care] bill so that you can find out what’s in it” line.

“Wow, she just doesn’t disappoint,” Roskam scoffed.

He continued, taking aim at the White House for waiting until just before Independence Day to admit it had delayed the so-called “employer mandate.”

This “administration for years has been pumping sunshine,” he said. “For years the administration, when asked ‘how are you doing this, exactly? How is this great feat coming to fruition?’ and this committee … has been told, ‘it’s fine. It’s great. We got it under control. In fact, we got a wonderful plan for your life and it’s going to be absolutely terrific.’”

“And now what happens?” he continued, “the administration, on a blog post, essentially whispers, ‘it’s not working. Oops.’”


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(H/T: NRO). Featured image Getty Images.

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