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Karl Rove breaks down 'Obamacare spin machine


In the Wall Street Journal, the former Bush strategist outlines the remaining problems of the law's implementation and how Democratic spin doctors plan to address them:

Take the Department of Health and Human Services inquiry on Tuesday to media buyers about television ad rates in the fourth quarter of this year for a possible ad blitz urging people to sign up. The list of 21 media markets seems suspiciously political. Six of the 10 largest—New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, San Francisco and Washington—are missing.

But five media markets (Austin, Dallas, Harlingen, Houston and San Antonio) are in Texas, a red state targeted by a Democratic effort called "Turn Texas Blue" led by Obama campaign operatives. Charlotte and New Orleans also are on the list, both in states where vulnerable Democratic senators are defending ObamaCare. With the exception of Indianapolis and St. Louis, the other markets are in states with a Republican governor's seat up for grabs—Atlanta, Cleveland, Detroit, Jacksonville, Miami, Nashville, Oklahoma City, Orlando, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Tampa and Tucson.

Nevertheless ads are less important than the quality of the product they tout—and ObamaCare is a lemon. There's little the president can do to spin his way out of that.

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