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Who's ready for another Obama jobs speech? Anyone?


This week, President Obama is reportedly turning his attention back to jobs and the middle class for the 274th time since taking office in 2009. The Washington Post has the riveting details of this new & improved jobs push (emphasis mine):

President Obama will deliver a series of speeches this week designed to push the economy, and his proposals to ensure its long-term growth, toward the center of the national political debate after months of focus on other issues. [...]

White House officials said the three speeches will not offer new proposals or approaches, including the use of executive actions to sidestep congressional opposition. Instead, officials said, Obama will outline in broad termshis view of the economic debate ahead.

Fantastic.  Get ready for another week of Obama deflecting responsibility and lecturing about how Republicans are mean and Congress is ultimately to blame.

Update: The Washington Examiner has counted -- this will be Obama's eighth pivot on jobs.  For some strange reason it only feels like the 274th time...

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