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Flailing Wife Behind Viral Temper Tantrum Video Finally Tells Her Side of the Story


She's embarrassed and filing for divorce.

(Right This Minute)

The now-famous YouTube video of a man's wife throwing an explosive temper tantrum has been viewed millions of times. However, the full story behind the screaming fit has been a mystery -- until now.

Both Jim and Whitney Mongiat, the stars of the viral video, spoke with Right This Minute on Wednesday to each give their side of the story. While their two accounts of what happened are very different, they both agree on one thing: Their marriage is over.

(Right This Minute)

(Right This Minute)

If you want to first watch the video that started it all, take a look at TheBlaze's story,  here.

Because Whitney has had no chance to speak out yet, we'll let her go first.

During a phone interview, she told Right This Minute that her meltdown was the result of her exhaustion in dealing with her husband's bullying. Whitney claims she and her husband had made plans with friends beforehand to go out on the lake, but after a fight, Jim canceled the plans.

Whitney, a nurse with a Masters degree, admitted that she is extremely embarrassed that her family, friends and co-workers have seen the video. She also confirmed she is filing for divorce.

The couple has only been married since May 2012.

However, Jim, a military veteran, told RTM that his wife's behavior in the viral video is part of an "ongoing type thing for a long time." He has maintained that he made no promises to take her on their boat.

"I finally just decided to put my foot down and I turned my recorder on my phone, so I could show her how she was acting to herself. And the rest is history," he said.

While many have criticized Whitney for her childish outburst in the video, others have criticized Jim for recording his wife's embarrassing moment and posting it on the Internet for millions of people to see.

But Jim said he doesn't regret posting the video at all. He went on to say that his friends have been very supportive of him.

“They are man, they really are. They said, ‘Good for you, Jim. Good for you for taking yourself out of a situation that was making you miserable,'" Jim added.

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