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Glenn Beck Breaks Down 'The Anatomy of a Racist' – Some of the Common Traits May Surprise You


"Who are the real racists here?"

(Photo: TheBlaze TV)

(Photo: TheBlaze TV)

Glenn Beck tackled "the anatomy of a racist" on his television program Thursday, arguing that there are three traits racists usually have in common, regardless of their backgrounds or against whom they discriminate.

He began by putting the issue in the context of today's issues, saying that before, during, and after the Zimmerman trial "the media sensationalized the story and turned it into a clash of races -- but were they trying to report the truth, or were they trying to stir up old animosities?"

"The people who stood by the Constitution and said let's rationally look at this and let this play out in the courts were called racists," he said.  "...Tonight I ask the question, Who are the real racists here? And how do we identify them? Is there a pattern to a racist? What is the true anatomy of a racist?"

Beck used three men as examples - Adolf Hitler, Louis Farrakhan, and David Duke -- saying they are "three very different leaders...who hate different people who come from different parts of the world, but their characteristics of leading others to hate are exactly the same."

He originally said they have three things in common, but added a fourth:

 1) They don't see people as individuals. They see people as groups only.

2) They are unable to judge a situation fairly or objectively.

3) They seek power by creating conflict and dividing people for personal gain.

4) Racists usually hate the Jews, whether they're black or white, they'll unite on their hatred for the Jews.

Beck said the recent emphasis on race, including the president's "Trayvon Martin could've been me" speech, indicates that "we are regressing."

"One of us is looking at the world exclusively through the prism of black vs. white, and nothing else seems to matter," he asserted. "...[But] We learned from Martin Luther King to judge on content of character, not the color of one's skin."

Beck also said that there is a "cycle of hate" where some sort of event occurs, then somebody "plants the seeds of discord," then a crisis leads to "a race war or race conflict."

In America, Beck argued that the "event" was slavery, and said there are many people who "will never let [the] wound heal, picking, dividing, blaming every problem on someone else."

"In Germany, [the crisis] was an economic crisis," he continued.  "In America, I think it will be another economic crisis as well, but it doesn't have to be."

Beck asked viewers which stage they believe we are in, warning that "racism is usually at its worst during difficult times."

"People never want to blame themselves for their hardships," he said.

Watch Beck's complete argument in the two clips, below:

Complimentary Clip from TheBlaze TV

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