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Democratic polling firm includes George Zimmerman in list of potential 2016 GOP candidates


george zimmerman in courtPublic Policy Polling, a Democratic polling firm, published a recent survey of Alaskans in which George Zimmerman is included as a possible Republican contender in the 2016 presidential election.

"Given the choices of Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan, Rick Santorum, and George Zimmerman, who would you most like to see as the GOP candidate for President in 2016?" reads the survey. Two percent of respondents picked Zimmerman.

Zimmerman was acquitted of murder charges in July related to the death of unarmed Florida teen Trayvon Martin.

"He's had high favorability ratings with Republican voters in some national polls so we were just curious how he would do," Tom Jensen, PPP's director, told TheBlaze by email.

It's true that a Fox News poll from July showed that Zimmerman had a 45 percent favorability rating among Republicans whereas President Obama only had 14 percent.

But a Florida voter registration document released in 2012 showed Zimmerman registered as a Democrat in 2002. So, why not see how Zimmerman would stack up in a list of potential Democratic contenders?

Jensen didn't answer that question specifically, but did reply: "[Zimmerman's favorability with Democrats is 14/64 compared to 45/27 with Republicans."


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