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Obamanomics is creating a generation of dependency


It's hard to imagine any sort of culture of independence and solid work ethics when you have to live with your parents until you're 30.

Via IBD, emphasis mine:

We keep hearing the job market is "improving" or even "solid," with 162,000 new positions created in July and unemployment falling to 7.4%, the lowest since 2008.

But one group is sitting it out. And it's the one that most enthusiastically embraced Barack Obama in both of his presidential elections: America's young.

Their unemployment rate is a shocking 16.1%. Increasingly, those ages 18 to 29, the so-called millennials, are being left out of the market, with tenuous or no ties to the workplace. Just 43.6% of this group have full-time jobs, according to Gallup.

So what are they doing? As a new Pew Research report shows, many are just hanging around their parents' houses; 21.1 million young Americans live with their folks, more than ever.

Over at Power Line blog, Joe Malchow crunched some not-very-pretty numbers on youth labor-force participation. Participation among 18-to-19-year-olds has declined 11.3% since Obama took office. For those ages 20 to 24, it has dropped 3.4%.

These are the biggest declines for any age cohort. And if they aren't bad enough, teen unemployment among blacks is an unbelievable 41%.

This was a key point made during the 2012 election by Republican VP nominee Paul Ryan:

But apparently Americans hadn't learned their lesson yet.  Do you think we ever will?

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