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Obamacare delays are a dream for hackers & identity thieves

Image source: Getty Images

We know that the implementation of the president's signature health care law isn't exactly going as its supporters planned. The delay in the monstrosity's implementation may seem like a good thing for all those who'd rather see it repealed, but in the meantime, certain time delays may actually be putting Americans' personal information at risk.

IWF reports:

The health exchanges, state-run public insurance markets, are set to open on October 1. But because of missed deadlines, testing on the data hub, a system that manages access to the records of participants in the programs, will not be tested until the end of September. This means the system may go online with security flaws and be open to security breaches – a hackers dream!

With so much at stake, you might expect the Administration to delay the health exchange opening so that testing can occur, but that won’t happen, according to Deven McGraw, a technology expert tracking this issue...

Just how far behind schedule are they on testing? According to an inspector general’s report released on Friday, Health and Human Services had set an early June deadline to test security elements and that has now been pushed to this week and next –two months behind schedule. The rippling impact of the testing means the system won’t be certified as secure until as late as a day before the big enrollment day for Obamacare.

Good luck to those who can’t wait to be first in line for free national healthcare. They may go home with more than just new benefits.

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