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The Reason Rush Limbaugh Says Obama Is 'Totally Diminishing' Presidency


"He is reducing the office to the lowest common denominator."


Rush Limbaugh on Monday slammed President Barack Obama for "totally diminishing" the office that he holds as commander-in-chief.

Limbaugh was reflecting on the outrage surrounding the rodeo clown in Missouri who dared to wear a mask resembling Obama while performing at the state fair when he made the connection to the overall "diminishing of the office of the presidency." The rodeo clown has since been permanently banned from performing at the event in the future.

"It was just last week on this program where I…talked about Obama going on a comedy show to tell us something very serious about foreign policy, and I said, 'this is diminishing the office of the presidency, the way Obama’s handling this, just totally diminishing it'," he said. "He is reducing the office to the lowest common denominator."

"I would suggest to you that whatever the truth of this thing is in Missouri, the clown putting on the Obama mask, is representative of the fact that there is a declining overall respect for the office of the presidency," he added. "When the president of the United States, more often than not, connects with the American people on the late-night comedy shows, what else can happen?"

Listen to the segment via the Daily Rushbo:


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