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What Was This German National Doing with Bombs, a Cell-Phone Detonator, Multiple Guns and Passports, and $30K in Rio Linda, CA?


detectives encountered quite a bit more than they bargained for

(Credit: KTXL-TV)

It started innocently enough: Andreas H. Koertel, 46, was pulled over in a traffic stop.

Then things got hairy in hurry.

Turns out Koertel, a German national, was in possession of meth and illegal weapons, according to the Placer County Sheriff’s Office, so he was booked into jail on multiple charges, KXTV-TV reports.

(Credit: KTXL-TV)

Wisely the deputies called the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department to see if they could check out a property in Rio Linda where Koertel had been staying.

But detectives encountered quite a bit more than they bargained for Friday.

Here's what they found, KTXL-TV reports:

  • Several explosive materials, including two jars of tannerite
  • Several jars of black powder
  • A pipe bomb
  • Numerous cricket bombs
  • A cell phone converted into a detonation remote
  • 20 high-capacity magazines
  • 20,000-30,000 rounds of ammunition
  • Four assault rifles, a shotgun, a rifle, five handguns (two of the rifles and one of the handguns were equipped with silencers)
  • Several passports
  • $30,000 in cash

(Credit: KTXL-TV)

(Credit: KTXL-TV)

Bomb squads detonated all explosives at the scene, KTXL reports.

During the search, two families were evacuated from the property, which is a large parcel of land, KXTV reports, and multiple children under the age of 10 have access to Koertel's property. The owner of the property told KXTV that he had grown suspicious of Koertel, who worked for him and used the property for storage.

Koertel is in the Placer County Jail and was placed in the immigration hold since he's not a U.S. citizen, KTXV reports.

Here's a report from KTXL:



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