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Bob Beckel Says Americans Need to 'Move On' From 9/11


"Move on Bob? How about never forget?"

Liberal Fox News personality Bob Beckel said on the cable news network Saturday it is time "we move on" from September 11.

"9/11, I know you hate to hear this... but 9/11 is over a decade old," Beckel said to "Cashin' In" host Eric Bolling. "It's time we move on."

"Move on, Bob?" countered Fox News contributor Jonathan Hoenig. "How about never forget?"

"I think it's disgusting," Hoenig added about Beckel's comments.

"It's a day you shouldn't forget but it's also a date that should not tie you down from your normal pursuit of a daily job or work or living freely," Beckel responded.

The comments came during a discussion over balancing security while maintaining privacy. Beckel said earlier in the program it is time for the Patriot Act to "go away."

Watch the video, courtesy of Twitchy:

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