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Al Jazeera America's Hilarious Debut (As Envisioned by TheBlaze TV's 'B.S. of A.)


"This is Al Jazeera America..."

Saturday night brings fresh comedy to TheBlaze TV. And after a week filled with serious news, the writers of "B.S. of A." had plenty of material to draw from. They did share a few details about the new episode airing at 10:30-pm ET on Saturday.

There's a sketch about NBC's plans for a Hillary Clinton miniseries.

You'll forget about Anthony Weiner when you meet "Hank Flaccid," the rudest NYC mayoral candidate

And this sketch showing the debut of Al Jazeera America...as they envisioned it:

There are more sketches on the show, but Brian Sack wouldn't give it all away! Tune in at 10:30-pm ET, Saturday.

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