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Al Jazeera America's Hilarious Debut (As Envisioned by TheBlaze TV's 'B.S. of A.)


"This is Al Jazeera America..."

Saturday night brings fresh comedy to TheBlaze TV. And after a week filled with serious news, the writers of "B.S. of A." had plenty of material to draw from. They did share a few details about the new episode airing at 10:30-pm ET on Saturday.

There's a sketch about NBC's plans for a Hillary Clinton miniseries.

You'll forget about Anthony Weiner when you meet "Hank Flaccid," the rudest NYC mayoral candidate

And this sketch showing the debut of Al Jazeera they envisioned it:

There are more sketches on the show, but Brian Sack wouldn't give it all away! Tune in at 10:30-pm ET, Saturday.

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