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MSNBC and the 'one-sided' race conversation


National Review's Jonah Goldberg has a take on the race conversation that takes place at MSNBC that's worth considering, especially after the news channel's coverage of the George Zimmerman verdict and more recently the random killing of a white college student in Oklahoma by three young men, one of whom was black.

Goldberg writes:

One high-minded response might be that conservatives are bringing race into this discussion (the Oklahoma killing) because they are simply doing what has been asked of them by [MSNBC contributor Joy] Reid and countless others, including the president and the attorney general: They’re trying to have that coveted “national conversation about race.” Of course, the conversation that the conversation-mongers want is entirely one-sided; they only want to talk about why their ideological enemies are racists. Any other discussion is an incomprehensible and unjustifiable tangent distracting us from what they want to hear and say.


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