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NFL Team Hazes Rookie by Forcing Him to Sing in Front of Everyone...and He Absolutely Nails It!


"As you can tell, just about everything about that clip is amazing."

(Photo: HBO via YouTube)

Some people are terrified of being forced to sing in front of crowds, and understandably so.

But Bengals rookie Terrence Stephens rose to the occasion recently after being pressured into singing in front of the team, and it was all captured on HBO's "Hard Knocks" football documentary.

Opting to sing Luther Vandross' "Superstar," Stephens clearly shocked a number of players who weren't expecting such a heartfelt performance.

"As you can tell, just about everything about that clip is amazing. Whether you credit 'Superstar' to Luther or The Carpenters, everyone can appreciate a stellar rendition of an amazing song," the sports blog Bleacher Report wrote.  "Plus, when you get done applauding Stephens' built-for R&B voice, go back and watch [James] Harrison's reaction. There may be no man on the planet who enjoyed himself more in that moment than No. 92."

Watch the clip, which originally aired last week but is beginning to go viral, below (slight language warning):

(H/T: Buzzfeed)


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