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MSNBC Guest Tim Wise Says GOP is a 'White Nationalist, Afrikaner, Boer Party


The Republican Party is a "white nationalist, Afrikaner, Boer party," author and "anti-racism activist" Tim Wise alleged on MSNBC Friday.

The comments came during a discussion about whether or not there is a double-standard of gun shooting coverage, with Wise accusing the right of using the murder of Chris Lane  to "make white Americans think that black folks are trying to get us."

"They're trying to rationalize stop and frisk and racial profiling," Wise continued. "What better way to rationalize stop and frisk in New York or stand your ground laws all over the country than to make folks that if you don't do that, those awful, horrible, animalistic black people are going to get you."

Wise concluded, saying the GOP has "essentially gone in as a white nationalist, Afrikaner, Boer party."

"That's where they are at this point," he added.

Watch the segment below, courtesy of MSNBC:

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(H/T: Mediaite)

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