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Kathleen Parker knows what it's like to be profiled... when she goes shopping in Georgetown

Credit: Kris Connor/Getty Images

Since the George Zimmerman trial and the controversy over New York's "stop and frisk" policy, a lot has been said about profiling random people on the street.

Kathleen Parker weighs in on her own experience being judged for the way she looks via her Washington Post column:

[President] Obama went even further after the Zimmerman verdict, expressing his identification not as leader of a racially diverse nation — or as the son of a white mother — but as a black man who remembers women clutching their purses tighter when he entered an elevator and being followed in department stores. All because he was black?

Even today, I am followed when I go to the second floor of a boutique in Georgetown. Apparently, store policy requires that an attendant be upstairs when a shopper is. The way department store clerks follow me around, you’d think my face was plastered on a “Wanted for Shoplifting” poster. This is especially so if I’m dressed like a slob.

Parker, another victim of the system.


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