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Can You Spot the Typo in This NBA Player's Tattoo?


Look close.

(source: Instagram.com/larrysanders)

Larry Sanders was one of the bright spots on a very drab Milwaukee Bucks basketball team last season. In fact, he was just signed to a nice contract rewarding his services. He might not want to extend the same type of xxx to his tattoo artist. That's because Sanders posted a picture of a new tattoo on his Instagram account. But there's one small -- yet big -- problem.

Can you spot it?

If you noticed a typo, you'd be correct. The word is supposed to be "received" -- but the tattoo reads "recieved."

"Remember, Larry, 'i before e except after c,'" Yahoo writes.

The tattoo seems to be the second part of another one that says "ask," likely a play off the biblical verse "ask and ye shall receive":

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