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Rapper and His Entourage Use Unlikely Legal Weapon When Faced with Arrest (It Didn't Work)


There's a lesson to be learned here...

When rapper 2 Chainz and his entourage were pulled over last week for a busted taillight and accused of smoking weed on the tour bus, one of the rapper's associates reportedly pulled out a physical copy of the U.S. Constitution to remind officers of their group's civil rights.

That is almost always a great plan, though there was one very serious flaw in this instance: Police actually smelled marijuana on the bus and even reportedly saw smoke, giving them the probable cause they needed to obtain a warrant and search the tour bus.

Still, the driver reportedly refused to let cops enter the bus and one of the passengers actually held a copy of the Constitution against the bus window "as if challenging officers."

In the end, hiding behind the Constitution was futile. Police reportedly arrested 11 people, including 2 Chainz, for drug possession following a concert in Oklahoma City.

According to TMZ, "officers towed 2 Chainz' bus and its passengers to a police lot -- where it sat for hours while cops obtained a search warrant -- and everyone was eventually arrested, 2 Chainz included."

The lesson here? The Fourth Amendment will not protect you if police can smell your weed from the window.


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