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What's the First Thing President Obama Thinks About Every Morning and the Last Thing on His Mind at Night?


There are a few things actually...

Image: YouTube: WMAL / Chris Plante

It's not unusual for politicians to pander to the audience in front of them. But when you're the President of the United States, it's a little harder to hide from the scrutiny of the media.

While reviewing a few of President Obama's speeches to various groups, WMAL's Chris Plante noticed something curious. The President was always telling people that their concerns were the first and last things on his mind each day. However, the concerns seemed to shift, depending on who he was talking to.

Obama's priorities Image: YouTube: WMAL / Chris Plante

In chronological order, here are the things President Obama claims to have on his mind when he wakes up every morning and as he is going to sleep each night.

The stories I hear from people - Ohio town hall meeting in 2009

The security and safety of the American people - Said to Vietnam Vets in 2009, and again on Jay Leno's show earlier this year

The BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico - 2010 BP oil spill press conference

Every family gets a shot at the American dream - At a 2011 gala for Al Sharpton's National Action Network

The economy - Said during a 2011 town hall meeting in Maryland

How do we give opportunity to everybody, so if they work hard, they can make it in this country? - Told to radio host Tom Joyner in 2013

Plante and his crew put together this short animated piece to highlight the President's constantly shifting priorities.

If this tactic of the President's sounds familiar, let's recall his habit of telling several different allies that they were "punching above their weight class."

(H/T: Chris Plante - WMAL in DC)

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