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Who Was More Terrified of This Stunt: The Base Jumper or the Crowd Below?


"What we’re doing has serious consequences."

On of the base jumpers does a flip off the 45- story building. (Image via YouTube video screenshot)

The base jumpers who sprung from the 45-story Four Seasons hotel in Denver on Tuesday are used to jumping from dizzying heights with only a parachute for safety. But some in the crowd with their feet firmly planted on the ground seemed more afraid than the daredevils themselves.

base jump On of the base jumpers does a flip off the 45- story building. (Image via YouTube video screenshot)

When Jeff Provenzano and Miles Daisher with the Red Bull Air Force team jumped, flipping a couple times, the crowd gasped. In one video, some with their feet on the ground can be heard giving a sigh of relief when the parachute deploys.

base jump With several building's around, the jumpers had to do everything just right to land in the correct spot. (Image via YouTube video screenshot)

Watch this footage shot from the ground-up:

Here's another angle of the jump shot from a mid-height building:

While the stunt itself is impressive -- parachuting between city buildings is a dangerous feat -- the duo were originally going to jump from the building and land into a tiny pool below. They decided against the small target, opting for a parking lot instead, KDVR-TV reported.

Even though base-jumping athletes might be used to putting themselves at risk, they still realize the gravity of what they do.

“What we’re doing has serious consequences,” Daisher said in a YouTube video. “If you’re not on your game, really bad things can happen.”

Earlier this month, the stuntman who skydived into the Olympics as James Bond died in a wingsuit accident. We've also seen first hand via a headcam what a base jump gone wrong looks like.

Here's just one more video showing how easy the Red Bull base jumpers make the stunt look when everything goes right:



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