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Oh, Just a Little Disagreement Between Football Coaches Is All...


"Well, at least they care."

(Credit: ESPN via YouTube)

(Credit: ESPN via YouTube)

After the defensive unit of University of South Carolina came off the field after only three plays and forced the University of Georgia to punt, you figure the assistants in charge of firing up their successful players would high-five or something.

Well, not in this case.

Whatever was eating at Kirk Botkin and Deke Adams, it didn't look pretty...especially when cameras and commentators caught the two in a heated shouting match on the sidelines Saturday that almost came to blows.

Asked about the dust up after the game, SB Nation noted head coach Steve Spurrier's take: "Well, at least they care."

You don't say?

Here's a look at the fireworks, via ESPN:

(H/T: SB Nation)




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