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Greta: Obama's Syria interviews 'an ad

Fox News anchor Greta Van Susteren

With President Obama scheduled to grant a series of short(ish) interviews Monday regarding Syria, Fox News anchor Greta Van Susteren writes on her blog that each one will amount to little more than "an ad":

With about only 7 minutes, the interviewer says hello, asks a question and gets a 3 – 4 minute answer (a filibuster) and then gets to ask one more and once again a 3-4 minute answer…and it is over.  ”Thank you Mr. President.”  That is not exactly an interview on an important topic like war. That is an ad. ...

I would prefer – because of the importance of the topic – the President do just one interview with one network and add up all the time for that one interviewer than to divide it evenly among the networks.


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