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A Nightmare': Man Pleads Guilty to Killing Unborn Baby by Tricking Girlfriend Into Taking Abortion Pill


"...one of the most shocking and premeditated cases I’ve seen."


From a legal perspective, the bizarre and tragic saga involving a young man who tricked his pregnant girlfriend into taking an abortion pill is nearing its conclusion. But the emotional trauma will likely haunt Remee Lee, 26, who miscarried after inadvertently taking Cytotec, a pill that causes contractions, for years to come.

In court this week, John Andrew Welden, 28, pleaded guilty to killing the couple’s unborn baby. Now, he could face 13 years in prison as a result of his actions, CNN reports.

How Lee Is Handling the Troubling Incident

The plotted miscarriage is something that still eats away at Lee, who was in the courtroom this week when her ex-boyfriend admitted to the horrific crime. As a result of his actions, her dreams of having a baby -- at least for the time being -- were dashed.

"Every day is a nightmare for me ever since this began," she told CNN’s Chris Cuomo on Tuesday. "Even hearing the guilty [plea] yesterday, it's hard to believe it, it's hard to read it and know that this actually happened to me.

Watch Lee discuss the saga, below:

The Backstory

Earlier this summer, TheBlaze reported on this story in detail. It was in March 2013 that Welden apparently first found out that his girlfriend was pregnant. While he apparently wanted Lee to have an abortion, she decided to keep the baby and said that she would care for the child on her own.

Since she didn’t have medical insurance, Welden sent her to his father, Dr. Stephen Welden, an OB/GYN physician. Lee was told that the baby was healthy -- but, according to prosecutors, that wasn't the answer he wanted to hear.

Authorities have claimed that Weldon forged his father’s name in an effort to obtain Misoprostol (Cytotec), an abortion drug that is used for termination purposes. WebMD describes the drug as, “a prostaglandin medicine used to terminate a pregnancy by starting labor.”

Welden told the woman she had a bacterial infection and then gave her the drug. Lee later took the pill, subsequently had stomach pain and bleeding and, upon going to the hospital, realized that the baby had died, Assistant District Attorney W. Stephen Muldrow said earlier this summer.

“In my years as a prosecutor, this case is one of the most shocking and premeditated cases I’ve seen,” Muldrow told Judge Anthony Porcelli back in May.

Welden was charged under the “Protection of Unborn Children Act,” a federal statute that protects the lives of the unborn. He is scheduled to be sentenced on Dec. 5.

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