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The Moment a Husband Wakes Up from Surgery and Realizes He Has a Gorgeous Wife -- and Becomes Every Woman's Hero


"You're my wife?"

Jason Mortensen looking at his wife in disbelief. (Image via YouTube video screenshot)

A patient coming out of anesthesia after surgery might say some pretty crazy -- and often very honest -- things while they're still somewhat out of it.

Jason Mortensen was apparently coming to after a hernia repair with his wife by his side recording him with a cellphone. It was his fifth surgery in the six years they had been married, he says.

jason mortensen Jason Mortensen looking at his wife in disbelief. (Image via YouTube screenshot)

If his reaction upon seeing her for the first time out of surgery was sincere (there's always the potential he could be hamming it up a bit), he is likely to win husband of the year.

Although at first he expresses pain while his wife coaxes him to eat a saltine cracker, he soon turns his eyes upon her.

"Did the doctor send you?" he asked. "Man, you are eye candy."

"You may be the prettiest woman I've ever seen," he continued, gushing over her looks. "Are you a model?"

Mortensen then asked who she is.

"My name is Candice. I'm your wife," she said.

The dumbfounded husband's voice reaches a higher pitch in his surprise.

"You're my wife? Holy sh**," he said.

After considering this prospect for a moment, he asked in all seriousness, "How long?...do we have children?...man, have we kissed yet?...do we call each other baby?"

Candice told him they've been married a long time.

"Oh my God, I hit the jackpot," he said, reaching up to his temples in disbelief.

Then, taking it all in, he asked to examine her face.

"Whoa, your teeth are perfect. Turn around," Mortensen requested next, giving Candice a good laugh.

Spotting her engagement ring, Mortensen asked if he gave it to her. After getting a nod from his wife, he said, "Man I must have been really liking you."

And that's where the nearly three minutes of wife-praising ends.

"I wish I could remember this but I was definitely out of it," Mortensen said in the description of the video posted on YouTube.

"In a previous surgery I suffered a severe complication and we didn't know if I'd ever function the same again. She is the love of my life," he said later in the description.

jason mortensen and wife Jason Mortensen and his wife Candice. (Photo via YouTube)

Watch Mortensen's touchingly honest assessment of his wife (content warning: some strong language):

Now let's just hope it's genuine and isn't revealed as a Jimmy Kimmel prank next week.

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(H/T: Reddit)



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