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Store Owner Stunned After Receiving Mysterious Envelope From the Man Who Robbed Him at Gunpoint More Than a Decade Ago


“He was really insistent that we take this, that we had to take this."


An unidentified man recently returned to the Nashville store he robbed 11 years ago to deliver a hand-written note as well as $400 cash to replace the money he stole -- with interest.

The owner of the InterAsian Market & Deli, Keosavanh Xayarath, remembers being robbed at gunpoint over a decade ago like it was yesterday.

The man and his son, Somboon Wu, were caught off guard when a mysterious man entered the store and insisted they accept an envelope marked "Owner." The man reportedly told them that the delivery was very important because it contained money.

“He was really insistent that we take this, that we had to take this," Somboon said, adding that they were hesitant at first.

When Keosavanh finally decided to open the envelope, he found a handwritten letter and four $100 bills. The apology letter's author claimed to be the same man who robbed the store of $300 about 11 years ago. The letter read:

“I do not use drugs anymore and I feal [sic] I must make amends to the people I have hurt in the past.”


Both Keosavanh and Somboon were eager to forgive.

“It’s just, it’s amazing. It’s inspirational really, for somebody to have the courage, to come back and face the person you’ve done wrong…Even though um, it’s hard sometimes, we need to give people a second chance.” Somboon said. "If he's watching, wherever life takes you, just know that we, we forgive you for what you did."

The family also posted the letter on their store's social media accounts to make sure the former drug-using robber knows he is forgiven.

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