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Parents demand to know why rifle team was left out of high school yearbook


Parents attending an Emmaus School Board meeting last night in Pennsylvania were looking for answers as to why the school's championship rifle team was left out of the newest yearbook.  I have at least one theory, but read on and see what you think...


Chris Donatelli, a Republican candidate for school board in the November election, was the only parent to address the board about the matter. But he was accompanied by two other “disappointed” parents of rifle team members.

Donatelli said 10 high school rifle teams competed in the 2012-13 district competition, which Emmaus High School won in February. “The team went undefeated in the league and in the district,” he told the school board.

After the meeting, Donatelli said parents don’t know if the rifle team was not included in the 2013 yearbook because of an oversight – or if someone was afraid to include anything about its victory because of the national debate over gun control.

“I’d hate to think it would be that,” he said. “We’re just trying to get answers.” His son Stephen was a member of the rifle team before graduating in spring.

When Stephen got his yearbook two weeks ago, he saw it did not even mention the rifle team and there was no photo of the team. A photo of the rifle team was taken by Don Herb, a professional photographer hired to take pictures for the yearbook. It shows 21 team members posing with their advisors. Most of the students are holding rifles.

Parents said Andrew Moxey, the high school’s yearbook advisor, suggested that Herb did not turn in the picture on time. They said that angered Herb, who told one of them: “I’m really upset. I feel like I got thrown under the bus.”

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