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President Obama Needs Your Help Starting World War III!


No, it’s not real. It’s a parody.

Based on the popular fundraising website “Kickstarter,” the following video from The Second City Network takes a shot at Nobel Peace Prize-winning President Barack Obama for his attempts to involve the U.S. in Syria's civil war.

“President Obama needs your help starting World War III! Find out how you can help!” the video’s description reads.

All we need is $1.6 trillion!

The supposed Kickstarter, appropriately titled “The World War III Project,” is being sponsored by the (obviously) fictitious “Americans for Whatever Barack Obama Wants Did You Know He’s Friends With Jay-Z?”

“America is dead-a** broke,” one organizer says in the video. “So our goal is to raise $1.6 trillion on behalf of the U.S. government.”

“Even a small donation would make all the difference,” she adds.

I support World War III and World War IV!

World War III, another video participant says, is a very “important” and very “progressive” war because President Obama says so.

It's a very progressive war!

Yet another video participant explains that when she first saw Barack Obama speak in 2008, she knew he was going to be right all the time.

Therefore, she adds, she supports World War III, World War IV, and any possible military strike the president may want to take out on the moon.

It’s all rather humorous (in a dark way). Enjoy:


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