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Meet the Men Behind the 'Sneak on the Lot' Education Program That Could Change America


Plus: What you can do to get involved

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Glenn Beck dedicated his entire television program Friday to the the state of education today, speaking with the innovative men behind "Sneak on the Lot," a project founded in 1999 by filmmakers Darrin Fletcher and Chet Thomas as a way to teach students academic lessons and broader values through the art of filmmaking.

Beck was also joined by Gerald Molen, one of the men behind unforgettable works like Jurassic Park and Schindler's List to Hook and Casper.

Beck began by explaining that he's often had a difficult time speaking with his children about what they learned in school -- they are happy to tell him what happened at recess or on the bus, but when asked what their teachers said, they have vague responses or complain about how boring it is to memorize dates.

And that's the issue, Beck said.  We have removed the "story" from history, from math, and from learning in general. More than that, we've also largely removed the concepts of "right" and "wrong" from our education system and our culture at large.  What sort of society are we creating?

Well, that's where Sneak on the Lot comes in.

(Photo: TheBlaze TV)

"Once we realized that we needed to change the culture, that was our goal," Fletcher explained.  "How do we get this back? How do we pull our culture back from sliding into the cesspool that we saw it going into? And the way you do that, is you get influencers. You build up a generation of people who hold themselves to a higher moral and ethic value, simple as that. So let's teach these kids, let's find the next great filmmakers of the world."

Beck responded: "I think you guys are trying to do the same thing [I am], to where, it has values and it has a message of decency, but it's not a 'Christian' film, or a 'wholesome' film. It's just good."

The men agreed, saying that if you start "preaching," you lose the audience.

TheBlaze's Raj Nair, the host of Liberty Treehouse, also appeared on the program to speak about how TheBlaze will be working with Sneak on the Lot, and what the audience can do to get involved.

"We're going to showcasing the best filmmakers on Sneak on the Lot and then also, if you're at home watching this, Liberty Treehouse is creating this make your own three-minute or less movie, and if it's good enough, we'll play it on Liberty Treehouse," he said. "So we want you to feel empowered that you can do this art form...people always come to me and say, 'If I had the tools, if I knew the right people...'"

"Right now, on Liberty Treehouse, if you think you can do this, then you can do this," Nair encouraged.  "There's nothing stopping you. "

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Beck made another exciting announcement near the end of the program.

"My goal is to introduce in the coming years, when we've found enough people...a show that is all done by the audience, the entire show is done by the audience," he said.  "We will give the topic, and they find ways to illustrate it and do the whole show."

"I am looking for filmmakers," he said, "for people who have the values and principles and know how to do what mainstream Hollywood does."

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