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Shepard Smith's new role at Fox sounds crazy


In separate interviews with the New York Times and Politico, Fox News anchor Shepard Smith fleshed out some of the details of his new role at the cable channel. It sounds intense, to say the least.

From the New York Times:

“We need to stop pretending that people aren’t tweeting things,” Mr. Smith said. The idea is to check what may be trending on Twitter and use “information specialists” to verify that information, while also tying it to possible video on YouTube or photos on Instagram or Facebook.

He said he welcomed the shift because “I’ve been bored for a long time” from doing a conventional evening newscast reading from a teleprompter.

And from Politico:

"[I'll have] big what looks like drafting tables -- flat screens -- into which I can pull whatever elements exist, be they social, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook stuff, internal feeds, anything from across 21st Century Fox or News Corp, any of our overseas properties. ... I'll be able to grab all of these different elements, create the screen in front of me on the fly like you would on a massive iPad and take that to air. ... I'm just going to be able to quarterback the team and call audibles without going through the cumbersome process of the producers and the director and the stage manager and the overseer and the coordinator. We can just do it."
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