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Fox News' Andy Levy Excoriates Stephen Colbert in Blistering Monologue


"...the equivalent of running something from The Onion as a real news story."

(Credit: Fox News)

(Credit: Fox News)

Fox News "Red Eye" personality Andy Levy delivered a blistering monologue Thursday night aimed at Stephen Colbert, after the comedian took one of his comments out of context during a segment on his show.

In a previous episode of "Red Eye," Levy had sarcastically expressed outrage that President Barack Obama would place his foot on an Oval Office desk. Colbert then used the clip on his show to suggest Fox News was genuinely outraged over the incident.

Levy did not let this go unchallenged.

“Kind of embarrassing," Levy said. "Remember, Stephen, you don’t have to think it’s funny, but you have to know it’s a joke."

Watch the clip, courtesy of Fox News:

"It’s okay, though, Red Eye has only been around for six-and-a-half years for the network you are obsessed with," he added. "No reason you should know that mocking outrage on all sides is the kind of thing we do every night. No reason you or one of the many, many people on your staff should do five minutes of research before you basically do the equivalent of running something from The Onion as a real news story."

Levy continued hammering Colbert.

"Maybe part of the problem is the idea that a show could poke fun at the excesses on all sides of the political debate doesn’t make sense to you," he said. "Maybe part of the problem is that we don’t have a studio audience like you do, and maybe you’ve lost the ability to tell when something’s tongue-in-cheek without the reassurance of the immediate response to back you up."

"I don’t know. Maybe you knew we were actually joking and, for some reason, you decided you just didn’t care because of Fox News. Or maybe this was a simple screw-up."

"Whatever the reason, I accept your apology," he concluded.

(H/T: Mediaite)

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